What We Do?

doctHERs™ is a novel healthcare marketplace that connects female doctors to millions of underserved patients in real-time while leveraging online technology. doctHERs™ circumvents socio-cultural barriers that restrict women to their homes, while correcting two market failures: access to quality healthcare and inclusion in the professional workforce for unemployed, qualified health professionals.

Who are Our Customers?

doctHERs is targeting three different customer segments. On the supply side, doctHERs enlists female doctors who are not practicing medicine due to social pressures or family constraints. On the demand side, doctHERs aggregates: (i) workers affiliated with corporations or corporate value chains (suppliers, distributors, retailers, etc.), (ii) consumers of healthcare in retail venues (clinics, labs, pharmacies) and (iii) low-income, marginalised and/or underserved communities in urban slums and rural areas who otherwise are unable to access to affordable, quality healthcare.

How are We Creating Impact?

doctHERs circumvents socio-cultural barriers that restrict women to their homes, while providing quality health care to marginalized communities. doctHERs accesses urban and rural patients through mobile and internet enabled technologies and video-conferencing. doctHERs use ‘point-of-care’ diagnostic tools with the support of community health workers to treat these patients. Lastly, doctHERs leverages mobile banking technology to provide a cashless, digital payment solution to collect all user fees.

The Sultanabad Story

Here's a brief overview of how we prototyped doctHERs™ in 2014.

Prototype of doctHERs™ in an Urban Slum of Karachi, Pakistan.

Prototype of doctHERs™ in an Urban Slum of Karachi, Pakistan.The prototype for doctHERs was tested from the 1st of Feburary 2014 to the 31st of July 2014, for a period of 6 months. The target population for the prototype was Sultanabad, an urban slum located in Karachi and a predominantly Pashtun community.

A total of 100 patients were seen virtually via video consultation by a doctHER assisted by an on-site nurse. Sixty antenatal, twenty-three infertility, and sixteen gynaecological patients were seen in six months and more than seven safe deliveries were referred by the doctHERs team.

At the end of the study the following conclusions were recorded:(i) the technological feasibility of the telemedicine system was established; (ii) cultural constraints need to be taken into consideration when selecting a community that would be appropriate for remote, nurse-assisted telemedicine; (iii) maternal, neonatal child health (MNCH) issues are paramount in marginalised communities but other specialties can be integrated as well (e.g. dermatology for skin lesions, ENT for auditory issues)

Recent Openings

A Preview of our Latest Projects

Model Colony

doctHERs launched their first clinic on 11thMay 2015 in an middle-urban slum located next to the Karachi International Airport known as ‘Model colony’. Mr. Farhad and doctHERs collaborated on one simple mission: providing quality medical healthcare to the community which was unfortunately being cheated by quacks previously. Our resolve is to provide complete quality health care to the community through its innovative solution on affordable rates qualified health care professionals.The clinic constitutes a mini pharmacy, lab referral services, and tertiary care referral services, visiting ultrasound specialist, monthly health awareness camps and a family planning unit currently under process.

Hijrat Colony

Hijrat Colony is a Pashtun populated, highly conservativeurban slum in Karachi where women are largely deprived of affordable access toquality MNH, especially in life-threatening situations. doctHERs collaborated with a Community Organization called Sustainable Initiative (SI) to launch its second Clinic on 13thof September 2015. doctHERs took the initiative of empowering a local Nurse in the community by upgrading her home into a telemedicine center providing her with new zeal to work within her cultural boundaries. Clinic acts as a primary health care center comprising of OPD consultations, Mini Pharmacy, primary clinical services Lab collection and referral to tertiary Health care hospital and monthly health awareness workshops. Additional features will be added including family planning and counseling lab shortly.

FIRST Telemedicine Health Initiative in Mahensera KPK

doctHERs launched its third clinic in the BeautifulCity of Mahensera on 13thOctober 2015 at KBDO organization and Hospital. KBDO is one of the primary health care facilitiesin Mahensera which actively participated in the relief efforts of 2005earthquake conducting over 70 surgeries and treating over 1000 patients intheir facility. Built in the heart of this valley, this hospital lacked femaledoctors for a huge population that was deprived of quality medical health careservices.For the first time in the history ofKP, Tele-medicine clinic has been launched by doctHERS ,HCP & Tech Valleywhere extremely qualified doctHERs from Karachi are linked to the people of Mahenserathrough nurse assisted video consultation It is a brilliant step taken bydoctHERs, HCP & Tech Valley team to provide unprivileged population ofthe region with easy access of health facilities. Such initiatives can help the region towards sustainable development and establish the culture of innovation and technology.

Ilyas Goth

On 22nd December, doctHERs launched its 4th clinic in the a slum area, namely Ilyas Goth.

The clinic is the first of the 5 clinics being established in collaboration with DKT International, an international social marketing enterprise which manufactures family planning products with a nationwide network on 800 “Dhanak” clinics pan Pakistan . The agency utilizes LHWs/ Midwifes and CHW. doctHERs will upgrade these clinics to facilitate the patients for all primary care diseases.

Adopt a Clinic: Be a Savior!

Our Achievements!

Have a look at our efficacious achievements!

ISIF Asia Awards

Seedstars World


GIST (The Global Innovation through Science and Technology)

MITEFP Business
Acceleration Program (BAP)

The Unreasonable Institute

Meet the 2015 Unreasonables!
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Awards & Recognition

Understand why we continue to work so diligently!

MIT Enterprise Forum Business Accelarator

Winners of ISIF Asia

Regional Winner of Seedstar World

Winner of Shell - Lets Go

GIST Best Health Care Initiative-Winners

Winner of Rec@nnect Challenge, by CRDF Global

Winner of G.E. Ashoka Changemakers, Women Empowering Work (MENA), 2014

Startup Cup - Top 3 Finalists

Finalist for Echoing Green, 2015

Finalist of ChallengeX Islamabad, 2014

First Runner-up at Shell Tameer Awards, 2014

Semi - Finalist for Unilever Sustainable Living – Young Entrepreneurs, 2014

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Our Team

Meet the people who made it all happen!

Dr. Asher Hasan, Co-Founder and Chairman

Dr. Sara Saeed, Co-FoundHER and Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Iffat Zafar, Co-FoundHER and Chief Marketing Officer

Makkiya Jawed, Project DirectHER

Mahek Pethani, Project ManagHER

Sohail Shahid, Technical OfficHER

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Our Clinical Staff

Meet the people who conquer the field!

Dr. Samina Khan

Dr.Faiza Izhar

Dr. Rabia Tufail

Dr. Hina Salman

Dr. Sana Rehman

Zohaib Hassan, Field Coordinator

Adil Fazal, Field Coordinator

Shahid Naseer, Field Coordinator

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Our Partners!

doctHERs would like to thank our partners for helping us RISE ABOVE!

DKT International Family Planning and HIV Prevention

DKT International, a non-profit organization founded in 1989,
has established a reputation for implementing high-impact and cost-efficient
social marketing programs that reduce unwanted pregnancies and HIV infections.

in 18 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In 2012, DKT launched its
newest program in Pakistan.

DKT Pakistan’s program called Dhanak addresses problems of
supply and demand that have kept Pakistan’s contraceptive prevalence rate lower than its neighbors. It emphasizes long-term contraceptive methods (such as IUDs), adding diversity to a method mix that is heavily dependent on short-term contraceptives (such as injectables).

DKT is one of the largest private providers of family planning and reproductive health products and services in the developing world, serving 28 million couples in 2014, and preventing 6.5 million unwanted pregnancies, 12,527 maternal deaths, and 3.6 million abortions.

DKT has partnered up with doctHERs to pilot in 5 clinics, scaling upto 80 clinics in the next 1 year.

Tech Valley Abbottabad

Tech Valley initiated its operations on 13th June, 2015 in Abbottabad with the aim to foster the culture of innovation and technology in the region through providing supportive mechanism tonurture local entrepreneurs and change-makers. Tech Valley strongly believes in establishingpartnerships and collaborations with existing social entrepreneurs to help them scale-up theiroperations.


HCP GROUP is a privately owned company with its head office in Abbottabad, Pakistan providing integrated business solutions and outsourcing services under the active supervision of Mr.Umar Farooq. HCP is committed to providing innovative, reliable and affordable solutions as per the industry’s best practices and standards. HCP’s main objective is to simplify its technology experience for its entire customers, focusing on e-Governance, e-Business, logistics, system integration, web development, social media marketing, video production and consulting services.

Sustainable Initiatives

Sustainable Initiatives, is a not for profit organization and has been established to function as a research and advocacy group, based in Karachi, Pakistan, having primarily an urban focus but also looking at the urban-rural interface with planned mobilization on issues of urban sustainability covering relevant environmental, social and economic themes. SI aims to bring into the national debate and development agenda the concepts and practices of sustainable, smart and green cities. Modes of work employed include action research and documentation, catalyzing urban sustainability ‘processes’, training and advocacy. A particular focus is on engaging with youth for participation in social and environmental issues, promotion of volunteerism and skills development. Climate change and urban adaptation and resiliency are also core thematic areas of focus.

Capt. Farhad S. Khan (Sqn. Ldr) (R)

A veteran of the 1971 war, he spent his entire flying career post PAF in the corporate sector in the Middle East. He has recently moved to Pakistan following the demise of his wife. Now he is pursuing his life-long passion in organic rose and poultry farming.

He is one of the first philanthropist who came forward to help doctHERs establish its first tele-medicine center at Model Colony.

Tech4Life Enterprises

Tech4Life is a socially-motivated, innovative research and design company, specialized in medical devices and telemedicine software for the developing world. Our goal is to improve health of the population in low and middle income countries by strengthening systems and empowering stakeholders through simple innovations and enabling the use of Information and Communication Technology.

Naya Jeevan

Naya Jeevan is a hybrid social enterprise which seeks to alleviate poverty in the emerging world by providing low-income families with affordable access to quality healthcare. Our members include low-income workers in the corporate, academic, industrial, NGO and SME sectors.

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