Sponsor A Clinic

Sponsor A Clinic

doctHERs is a social enterprise striving to address the gap in the availability of low cost primary health care in rural areas. Drawing inspiration from the undying spirit to provide health care facilities to the lowest strata of the socio-economic pyramid, the goal of doctHERs is to set up primary health care centers in the remotest areas of the country and urban slums, providing O.P.D facilities as well as medication to the low income communities in Pakistan.


Sponsor-A-Clinic is a monthly or annual giving program to help the communities access quality, affordable health care. Sponsoring a clinic breaks the cycle of poverty, access to health care and quality treatment, creating a ripple effect for generations.

Help us achieve LIVING RESULTS by Sponsoring a Clinic

Unit Amount in $ Breakup/description
Clinic Execution & Inauguration (One time cost) $1,100 Hardware & software Tools, Medical Equipment, Furniture, Ancillary Supplies Basic medications.
Clinic Coordinator 300/month Per Clinic = $75/month = $900/yr Responsible for inventory Management, Mobilization, software & hardware maintenance, finance management. One Coordinator supervises 4 clinics.
Monthly Expense $250/month = $3,000/yr Internet connectivity, Fuel for generator, Medications, Mobilization Campaigns, Marketing, Sweeper, Basic Dispensary Meds,
Miscellaneous $1000 Maintenance, Equipment replacement, Medical Camps, Travel.
Total $ 6,000 Cost for execution and expenses of a doctHERs Clinic for a period of one year.
doctHERsSponsor A Clinic