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At doctHERs, we not only connect millions of people with access to no or poor health care to the qualified doctors but also broaden the scope of work of community midwives. doctHERs provides a 360 degree approach to the primary healthcare in Pakistan. The doctHERs virtual clinic model can transform the way healthcare is delivered to and accessed by over 250 million women in the developing world while promoting gender inclusion in the workforce (for both female doctors and female community health workers).

Services currently being provided in the Clinics

Mini Pharmacy:

doctHERs team developed a basic inventory of 25 essential drugs and 15 dispensary medications to be provided and dispensed to the patients at the clinic only. An e-pharmacy inventory is maintained across all clinics to ensure quality assurance and standardization.

Lab Collection points:

In order to ensure provision of quality diagnostic facilities, doctHERs has partnered with Tahir & Shamsi Labs. The services of a visiting phlebotomists and weekly lab reports are provided across all doctHERs telemedicine centers.

Online Specialists:

  • A Gynecologist
  • A Dermatologist
  • A Diabetologist

Ultrasound Specialist:

doctHERs has introduced the services of a visiting ultrasound specialists in every clinic. A Sonologist visits a doctHERs Clinic every week. Patients are lined up by the clinic nurse to prevent patient from complications such as missed abortions, fibroids, ectopic pregnancies and positional abnormalities.

Tertiary Care Referral System:

An E- Tertiary mechanism has been implemented across all doctHERs telemedicine centers. A Memorandum of Understanding is signed with registered tertiary care facilities in respective communities to ensure provision of timely emergency and tertiary care.

Medical awareness Campaigns:

Till date doctHERs has done extensive campaigns on the following topics in the designated communities:

  1. Diabetes and its prevention
  2. Hypertension, its causes and prevention
  3. Osteopenia, Osteoporosis, and Arthritis and methods of correcting the Calcium and Vitamin D deficiency.
  4. Maternal Health, Antenatal care required and modes of delivery.
  5. Family Planning, its importance and the most convenient methods.
doctHERsClinical Service