Telemedicine allows you to visit with specialist physicians that may be hundreds of miles away. Using video conferencing technology, a “real-time” visit with a physician anywhere in the world is possible. The specialist is supplied with your personal health information i.e. current labs, vital signs, medical history and can then visit with you about your care. The specialist will make recommendations that include new ways to improve your care.

doctHERs is a novel healthcare marketplace that connects female doctHERs to millions of underserved patients in real-time while leveraging technology. doctHERsTM circumvents socio-cultural barriers that restrict women to their homes, while correcting two market failures: access to quality healthcare and gainful employment. •doctHERsTM can access urban /rural patients through mobile and internet enabled technologies/video-conferencing •Trained, trusted community Nurses/ Health Workers/Midwives assist doctHERs in assessing patients at ‘point-of-care’ using diagnostic tools which creates a new ‘healthcare value chain. •doctHERsTM can leverage mobile banking technology to provide a cashless, digital payment solution to collect all user fees.

doctHERs telemedicine clinics timings varies with localities. However, a standard operational time of 9AM to 5 PM is followed across all clinics.

doctHERs is targeting three different customer segments. On the supply side, doctHERs enlists female doctors who are not practicing medicine due to social pressures or family constraints. On the demand side, doctHERs aggregates: (i) workers affiliated with corporations or corporate value chains (suppliers, distributors, retailers, etc.), (ii) consumers of healthcare in retail venues (clinics, labs, pharmacies) and (iii) low-income, marginalised and/or underserved communities in urban slums and rural areas who otherwise are unable to access to affordable, quality healthcare.

There are great benefits to receiving care via telemedicine. Patients living in remote areas receive greater access to specialty care. These patients often have difficulty seeing a specialist because that particular specialist is not near their home, creating long travel distances to appointments. Telemedicine reduces travel distances. Telemedicine saves time and money for you and the clinic. You will be getting care from highly qualified specialists who work at major medical centers.

Key benefits:

  • Less time away from home
  • Less time away from work and school
  • Fewer travel expenses (gasoline, meals or overnight stays)
  • Receiving care at a place that is comfortable and familiar such as your community clinic
  • Tests and lab work can be done locally helping your local healthcare facilities
  • Allows for immediate collaboration with primary physician and specialist during consults
  • Saves lives through remote consultations, whether urgent or diagnostic

doctHERs provides  eConsults, diagnostic services, case conferences, provision of dispensary medications, provision of pharmacy medications on subsidized rates and video telemedicine consultations. We currently offer services in many of our subspecialties, including (but not limited to):

  • Family Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Urology
  • Pediatrics
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Psychiatry

doctHERs is continuously growing and expanding our program’s reach. Contact us on support@gmail.com, if you would like more information or are interested in any of our service

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is software that allows patient medical information to be stored, created, edited and retrieved on a computer. EHRs contain the same information as the traditional paper chart maintained by health care providers. EHRs allow patient information to be retrieved more quickly and analyzed more completely. EHRs improve patient safety, health care access, coordinated treatment between providers, health care practice efficiencies, and the ability for patients to conveniently access their medical records and communicate with their health care provider.

In contrast to live-interactive telemedicine encounters, store-and-forward means the health provider where the patient is at stores the data from the encounter in a digital format, and then forwards them at the time of the encounter, or at a selected later time. The advantage is, the receiver of the information (usually a specialist at a tertiary care center in the same telemedicine network) typically can receive that information at anytime during the day. The specialist can then review the data when he next logs on to his computer, and review the encounters based on level of urgency, and makes the treatment and follow-up recommendations to the primary care provider at the local level. Those recommendations are usually transmitted using the same store-and-forward technology.

doctHERs connects an online specialist with patient via an online solution called mdconsults. The patient is facilitated by the community nurse available at the respective clinics. Firstly, nurse takes all the history of the patient. Then the patient undergoes a physical examination. The nurse then documents all the findings on EHR. The specialist is then available online. Nurse communicates all her finding to doctor, the doctor also communicates with the patient for further understanding. The doctor then prescribes medications or generates appropriate referrals as per patients’ need.

If you want to see the demo please email at support@docthers.com and we will get back to you!

Yes, patient and personal information is secure. doctHERs physicians and employees have moral and legal obligations to respect the confidentiality of patients, employees and co-workers.

Details regarding a patient’s condition and treatment may not be disclosed at any time except to those entitled to receive the information. Medical records will not be shown or released to anyone not connected to the care team without a patient’s written permission.

All Patient Health Information (i.e., electronic health record, video images, patient images and audio) exchanged between doctHERs clinic and doctor location is transmitted encrypted for secure transfer across the Internet via our secure software mdconsults.

No, but it does help to have a Physician providing Real-Time (live) Telemedicine services who possesses a personable persona. Since telemedicine consultations are done over video, the Physician should be someone that speaks clearly and is not afraid to be on camera. Interested Physicians should be someone that are motivated and excited by and not fearful of technology, especially as store and forward and home health telemedicine is main mechanism for doctHERs clinics.

You can send your updated CV, along with a recent passport size photograph and a scan copy of your PMDC certificate (along with copies of any additional specialties certificates) to docthers@gmail.com.

Please refer to our adopt a clinic tab to get more information or you can email us at docther@gmail.com