Life at doctHERs

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The doors fly open at 9:00 am as the doctHERs team comes bustling in one after the other to begin work. With endless phone calls, countless meetings, intermittent video conferences with the doctors, ongoing fieldwork and all the other work associated with running a startup company, the team manages to maintain a stimulating and active environment.

To introduce the team – Dr. Sara is ‘The Executor,’ Dr. Iffat is ‘The Calm One,’ Dr. Asher is ‘The Idea Machine,’ Makkiya is ‘The Do-it-all,’ Mahek is ‘The Writer,’ Zohaib is ‘The Fun One’, Adil is ‘Too Cool for School,’ and Asif is ‘The Muscle.’ Everyone does their own work while sitting together to ensure that the team is on the same page and updated with the events and workings of the company. It is fun to see how great the chemistry is amongst them; when Zohaib and Asif annoy Mahek while she writes a proposal, when Dr. Sara teases Makkiya about how peaceful the office was in her absence, while Dr. Iffat and Adil sit back and enjoy the entertainment.

The exciting part about being a member of the doctHERs team is that no matter where you stand on the organizational hierarchy, everybody equally participates in discussions about how to lead the company forward and in what ways it can strive for the best. Brainstorming exercises take place as everyone shoots ideas at Dr. Sara while she notes them on the white board. After hours of arguments, laughter, anger and deliberations, the team agrees to certain courses of action.

Each team member leads a health camp every 7-10 days so that everyone understands what is happening on the field as well as off it. People generally believe that fieldwork is left to those who work at the lower level of the structure while those at the higher levels relax in their air-conditioned offices. However, this is not the case at doctHERs as we believe that interaction and connection with the people we serve is essential and everyone should experience it to understand the real face of health disparities in Pakistan.

doctHERsLife at doctHERs

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