Dr.Sara Khurram


Dr.Sara Khurram is the co-Founder of doctHERs. doctHERs is a novel healthcare market place focuses on establishing an enhanced 2.0 version of technology-enabled healthcare delivery in Pakistan. The main aim is to promote the inclusion of home-based female physicians into the workforce to provide quality and affordable healthcare to the underprivileged via means of tele-medicine. By 2020, doctHERs envisions impacting 16 million lives. Dr.Sara Khurram has won notable awards for doctHERs such as CRDF Global, Ashoka Changemakers, ISIF Asif and the Unilever Sustainable Awards. She has been part of a well-known accelerator; Invest2 Innovate. She is also a regional Acumen Fellow.

Dr.Sara has been born and bred in Karachi. She has done her MBBS from DOW University. Currently, she is enrolled in the Health Policy Management Programme at The Aga Khan University.

doctHERsDr.Sara Khurram