• I am fortunate enough to be a part of this very brilliant, professional team of DoctHERs. I have been working with them since the beginning of this healthcare project. It has provided marvelous services to the underprivileged population nationwide since being established. Its Worth being, productive towards the people of our country. Not everyone realises the passion of serving humanity but DoctHERs does 🙂

    Dr. Rabia Tufail
  • My parents were medical doctors. I always felt that they focused more on diseases than the people carrying them. What made me consider psychiatry as my career choice was the observation that behavioral disturbances in individuals were not given due importance by health professionals. These were considered more a matter of choice than a part of mental illness or a manifestation of disordered personality.   So here I am, today a psychiatrist, an advocate for my patient’s rights. However, my presence is considered stigmatizing. A surgeon can perform an emergency laparotomy faster than I could counsel my patient’s family to just consent to treatment. Let alone admission to a mental hospital. Hence I dream of a world where psychiatric problems are accepted to be as physical as other medical/surgical disorders. I like the concept of doctHERs because it allows me to reach far off communities, speaking different languages, having contrasting cultures, but suffering from similar illnesses. Help should not be blocked by geographical barriers to where it is most needed. The face of empathy and compassion is recognized universally and everyone is worthy of it, irrespective of class or distance.

    Dr. Sameeha Aleem Stimware
  • Dr. Fatima Bhojani is a graduate from Sindh Medical College. She has a working experience of around 12 years. Her story is similar to other female physicians- she got a married with two children for which she had to quit her profession. Listen to why and how she came back to her profession: “I wanted a come back to this profession to use my abilities for a good cause. Then there came doctHERs as my mentor and provided me with a platform where I could perform my duties from my very home. It was amazing to work through a medium that has been never used in Pakistan before. The response was beyond my expectations. The patients were happy and so was I. The idea of providing healthcare to the underprivileged by home bound female doctors clicked. I felt professionally productive again. And also, definitely the impact on the communities was positive with early disease detection, quick referrals and timely treatment. Love to be a part of doctHERs”

    Dr. Fatima Bhojani
  • “There are no proper medical facilities in our area. Every day I used to fear losing my 9 year old son to Asthma. I have no job and my husband works in far flung area. There were no proper medical facilities in my ear within 4 kilometer radius. With limited financial resources my husband cannot afford the cost of fuel for the journey to hospitals which are located in other areas. It is very challenging for him to take us to the health center for treatment. Every time my son suffers from an asthma attack I would rush him to a nearest traditional healer. Even though I knew the quality of health care was poor and my child health is in danger but I had no option other than to rely on those healers. It would be very rare to have a qualified doctor visit our area and provide us treatment. When doctHERs clinic was launched in our area we could hardly believe that a qualified female doctor would be available at our door steps. The nurse at the clinic helps us connect to a doctor online. Dr Rabia always attentively hear my concerns and provides us quality care. My son condition has improved with new treatment regimen and now all my follow ups are from doctHERs clinic only.” Bibi Halima Says.

    On Provision of Quality Health Patient
  • “I am 79 years old and I have no family. My son left me after he was married. I am a hypertensive patient since 21 years. In my area there are no doctors available so I take our medications from our area local pharmacy dispensers since I cannot travel to hospitals in other areas. I don’t have the transport or the financial resources to avail the best possible treatment. Due to local medications my blood pressure would always be high and I was unable to perform my daily activities. Previously no health camps or screening camps were arranged in our community, but one day a midwife in our area told me about doctHERs telemedicine camp. Soo when I heard about the health camp in our community I came to avail the services. I saw that there was a female doctor online and I was amazed that how health services can be made available in our area. The doctor asked me my history and prescribed me medications after which my blood pressure was relatively in control. The next week I visited the clinic and the doctor adjusted my medication dosages and explained me the benefits of dietary modifications. The nurse also gave me teachings on medication compliance. Not only that the nurse also provided me quality medications from the clinic pharmacy. I am now relieved that we have quality health provision so close to our homes.”

    On Continuity of Care Patient
  • “My daughter-in-law is expecting her first child, but my son has forbidden her from vaccination because he believes that she has been possessed by a supernatural creature. It is common in our community to have these believes and we can’t defy our men as we are dependent on them for our survival. We are not permitted to travel to clinics alone without the supervision of our men and since they are not available most of our women die at homes while giving births. When doctHERs clinic was established in our area, I took my daughter in law to the facility. My son permitted me to visit the clinic because a female doctor was available at the clinic. Dr Hina examined my daughter thoroughly and prescribed her injection and the needed vitamins. We wre able to avail all services at one place. The nurse also designed a schedule for her ultrasound visits and follow up visits. We were relieved to know that the ultrasound specialist was also available at the clinic and we did not had to travel far to get our tests done. We were happy to know that doctHERs clinic services were inexpensive and affordable and now we will be able to save money which would otherwise had been utilized for transportation and expensive treatment", Bibi Sayeeda says.

    On Social Taboo and Breaking barriers Patient